Onsite safety managers

When your own Health & Safety manager cannot be onsite, count on Simple Safety Solutions to manage your site’s safety program and needs. Each safety professional will be selected based on experience and education to guarantee they are the right fit for each job. With our unique partnership through the Simple Safety app, we provide detailed daily reports to your company digitally.

Compliance Services

We work with your team to ensure all safety compliance systems, ConstructSecure, ISN, Avetta, are up to date and compliant. Our team will take busy work off your plate. If you are using a software that is not listed above- please ask if we work with it.

Safety Audit & inspections

Our team is available round the clock for safety audits and inspections. Not only will we ensure your job site is up to state and OSHA standards, we continue to provide a specialized safety professional with experience based on the specific job.

job hazard analysises

Simple Safety Solutions will create site specific, comprehensive JHAs quickly for your team. Our analyses are well-organized, simple and will save your team time. We will stay in close contact with your project managers to confirm all JHAs are up to date as jobs change.

Site specific health & safety plans

We are focused on saving your team time, money and reducing risk on your job sites when creating HASPs. We work promptly to ensure your team has the most thorough, organized and up to date HASP. We will stay in close contact with your project managers to confirm all HASPs are up to date as jobs change.

Safety certification Card program

We provide your team with heavy duty safety cards featuring all certifications via QR code. Onsite safety managers will be able to access individual employee safety certifications quickly and digitally. Saving your team the headache of emailing, scanning or bringing certifications to the job site.